Todicamp Magic cure
Todicamp cure

This site features classic Todicamp made by
the recipe of its creator Michael Todika.
Todicamp made by other manufacturers
may be significantly differ in their effects
on the human body.

Todicamp: 1 btl (125ml)

Ampelo-Todicamp: 1 btl (125ml)

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" To be able to grow, a tumor releases toxins that cause inflammation in the healthy surrounding tissues.
Todicamp inhibits the inflammation what stops tumor from growing."
Todicamp Magic cure
Todicamp cure

Todicamp is not a medicine but a well known in Eastern Europe organic remedy that increases your immune system ability to fight with various problems.

It is based on two main ingridients: young green walnut and kerosine that was purified in a very special way.

Kerosene certainly has disinfectant, anthelmintic, and warming properties. It is able to remove lymphatic stasis and quickly penetrate into the tissues of the body. Kerosene does not harm anyone, if it is purified and applied with the indicated doses.
In Poland, for example, this method is officially recognized and has a state license.

Great medical properties of walnut are well known. All parts of this plant are used in medicine. In ancient times people believed that walnut kernels have a positive influence on the human mind. Walnuts help to prevent and treat atherosclerosis. They are recommended for deficiency of vitamins and iron in the human organism, for anemia, and to relieve fatigue and exhaustion. They lower cholesterol and have a mild diuretic effect. Go to our "About Walnut" page to read more about it.

Also, there are some contraindications that everybody needs to be aware before try this product.

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