Containdications & Tips

Todicamp is incompatible with strong medications, especially psychotropic. Todicamp itself is a potent analgesic which sooth the nervous system (that causes drowsiness). For example, Todicamp reduces blood pressure. If you use any medication that also lowers blood pressure you can get hypotensive crisis what is dangerous, especially for people with heart problems.

Todicamp is Todicamp is not compatible with alcohol.

Todicamp can cause a slight burning when it contacts the skin for a long period. If you apply it to sensitive skin areas (nose, eyelids, face injuries, groin, perineum, etc.), dilute tincture with olive oil.

You may have a personal intolerance to kerosene or allergy to walnut.

There are more contraindications if you use Todicamp made by different manufactories. We sell the original one. This product has minimum contraindications.